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The desire to explore the colorful universe of premium fabrics and to share them with all the fashion lovers, were the key ingredients that gave birth to Malagoli in 2010.

With over 2800 fabric designs from natural silk, lace, embroidery, macramé, brocade, velvet, wool, but also an extensive palette of accessories, Malagoli offers its customers a wide range of products and choices that meet up their tastes and needs.

Like any other company that respects its customers and wishes to deliver high quality products, Malagoli trades products from garment workshops that work with great designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alviero Martini and other established names in the fashion world.

The fabrics should not be lightly regarded, only as the raw material for clothes. They have their own story: from the first fiber to the designer's imagination who prints his vision and a piece of his soul on meters of fabric to the tailor or designer's playful game that juggles with the lines and shapes that, in the end, dress the body.

The fabric is the basic ingredient to an outfit, yet the attitude brings its own contribution. A floral print is romantic and slightly naive, while a black leather outfit highlights that there is no room for compromise. Geometric prints are modern, avant-garde and they can shape your figure. Animal prints are never old fashioned and will always give a touch of chic and elegance to an outfit.

One of Malagoli’s main objectives consists in cultivating good taste and educating the public in regards to proper choices of high quality fabrics depending on their composition, thus, avoiding synthetic materials and toxic paints, which are often used to color the fabrics.

Fashion is often framed within a stereotype that quality in clothing is a difficult step to achieve. Malagoli destroys this myth by offering a wide range of quality fabrics in tune with the personality of the wearer. You just have to know yourself to know what to look for, whatever the occasion.

All these being said, let’s enjoy together the charming world of fabrics and good taste!