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Natural silk has lots of advantages both as a freestanding fabric and also to those who wear clothing made from this lovely material. Silk is a very fine, luxuriant, vaporous, versatile, light, durable fabric and it has a superb appearance due to the fine threads that compose it.

Also, it possess a series of impressive properties, keeping the skin dry no matter the climate, it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, it has natural elastic fibers and it can stretch up to 20% without tearing.

Furthermore, natural silk responds very well to dyeing and color absorption, making silk fabrics to come in live and rich colors, plus lovely prints with various themes. Also, thanks to its malleability this gorgeous fiber can very easily be weaved, spin, crocheted or sewn.


This beautiful material presents numerous advantages, either talking about it as a fiber, fabric or the end product, the garment. First of all, it’s natural, an aspect that determines it to breathe, so that when you wear wool you won’t feel like being in a vacuum environment. In contrast with synthetic fabrics, wool is an active fiber which reacts to body temperature changes, thus keeping the body warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Wool has a special function to absorb humidity keeping the skin always dry. Having a natural elasticity makes wool ideal for active people or the ones that work outdoors.

Besides all these practical advantages, wool is always in trend, being elegant and smooth, which determines it to lay orderly on the body without having a wrinkled appearance. Also it responds very well to dyeing, thus you can find it in lots and lots of colors.


Cashmere is a high demanded fabric thanks to its many benefits. Among these being included the fact that clothes made from this unique fabric are very smooth, versatile, extremely light, they have a silky texture and of course an exquisite beauty.

Also, cashmere is very resilient which makes garments made from it to have a long lasting life. It has natural insulation functions, which makes it perfect for winter and autumn outfits but, it can be worn during the summer as well because it keeps the skin dry and cool.

Thanks to its special texture, cashmere confections keep their original shape and size even after being worn for years, plus they don’t wrinkle and the colors stay lively without losing their natural shine with the passing of time.


Either it’s about the fabric or the clothes made from it, cotton has a great number of advantages. Actually, it’s recommended for people to wear 100% natural cotton made clothes because this fiber is very soft, smooth, allows the skin to breathe, it’s friendly to sensitive skin, it doesn’t have any chemical compounds, and of course it’s very comfortable to wear.

The cotton fabrics and garments are very resistant, which makes them available for both winter and summer clothes. And its versatility is amazing, making it possible to be weaved or crocheted, which allows the cotton to be used for creating sport, casual, elegant or even extravagant outfits.

Another important benefit of this fiber is related to its price, which is a very good one, offering the possibility for almost everyone to have access to high quality natural products.


When it comes to clothes made from linen, this noble fabric has many appealing advantages. Thus, garments made from natural linen are perfect for the whole summer, even if we’re talking about a droughty and humid climate because linen has a fast and efficient absorption rate, keeping the skin always dry and generating a constant cooling sensation due to the fact that the threads allow the air to go through them. Also, it’s worth mentioning the fact that is hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive skin.

The linen fabric is cooling and smooth at touch, any garment made from it doesn’t have the lint problem, and the more it’s washed the softer it gets. Also, it’s very resilient to damages and abrasions which gives it a long life of wear.

Besides all these super features, natural linen clothes look gorgeous thanks to its natural shine and texture, impeccable indeed.


Same as silk, velvet is one of the most elegant fabrics, with a lovely texture, that can be found in very intense and lively colors, with numerous patterns and themes in the actual fabric. Velvet feels soft on the skin, it's glossy but not too bright, its rich appearance giving it a royal air. The aesthetic value is wonderful, and the velvet’s texture is smooth with a luxuriant look.

One of the most important advantages is the large variety in which velvet is made. The most popular and used ones are:

Devore Velvet – has a regular background and the velvet is applied on different areas of the garment in order to create different patterns, this velvet being used especially for evening dresses, scarves or jackets;

Pressed Velvet – the velvet is pressed on the base fabric in various patterns, giving it a nice shine;

Common Velvet – it can be made from silk, cotton and viscose, it’s firm at touch and it can be used to make many types of garments;

Crepe Velvet – is created by hot stamping of different patterns on the base fabric, mostly used for making floral designs;

Cisele Velvet – is created with interrupted and non-interrupted loops to create a pattern;

Nacre Velvet – is the velvet that has an effect which is similar to silk, where the upper lair is weaved in more colors, and the base fabric in just one color, thus creating an iridescent effect which alternates;

Lair on Lair Velvet – a special and luxuriant type of velvet, where the upper lairs are weaved at different heights in order to create a pattern;


Brocade is perfect for elegant or festive events thanks to but not limited to its aesthetic particularities. It’s friendly to the skin, it’s of high quality and accessible for almost everyone, thus meeting all the requirements. Today, brocade is sumptuous, velvety, soft at touch, with an exclusive design.

Even if sometimes it looks rigid, brocade is very malleable at the same time, thus being used to make besides evening dresses, stoles and scarves. Also, it can be enriched with beads and sequins, what gives it an eccentric look.

And of course the designs and patterns make a great addition to the brocade, starting from complex and lively colored ones that have a lovely texture, to gorgeous floral paintings, to human or animal figures, and remarkable oriental themes and motifs.


The lace presents numerous advantages, always standing out through its delicacy, elegance, classicism, luxuriance and complexity. It’s the proper choice for overlapping dresses and skirts, bridal dresses veils, romantic tops and many other garments articles.

One of the major pluses of this special fabric is the wide range of models in which it can be found, getting their names after the region or city from where they originated. Every type has specific and unique pattern, created through different methods, the most important being:

Valenciennes Lace (France) is very smooth and the fabric meshes are diamond shaped;

Honiton Lace (England) is one of the finest English laces, having a net basis with handmade ribbon delicate appliques;

Bruxelles Lace (Belgium) is a rich lace which comes in numerous models;

Chantilly Lace (France) is one of the most special laces, having a delicate net and superb ornate patterns, made at first from natural non dyed silk of a yellowish color, and later being made from natural black dyed silk;

Duchesse Lace (Belgium) has exquisite models with a lovely workmanship;

Maltese Lace (Malta) even if it’s rougher and looks heavy, it's made from natural silk, having a wonderful appearance;

Point d’Espagne Lace (Spain) even if it has a French name, it’s originally from Spain and it’s realized from gold and silver threads;


The two main advantages of embroidery consist of its aesthetics and diversity. Either it’s about an evening dress, or a blazer, embroidery is the detail that completes the painting by choosing any color or nuance, and it offers a note of elegance and bonton.

Diversity is due to the limitless models and patterns, starting from floral or nature inspired motifs, geometrical shapes, animal figures, coat of arms and ending with modern cultural, ancient and historical themes. Everything depends on the individual’s personality, choice and what he or she wants to express through the embroidery they choose.


The beautiful appearance and the high level of complexity are the main advantages of the macramé, coming in lots of colors of different intensities, from live and rich nuances to the classic more discreet ones.

The models or patterns are in a wide range as well, from geometrical shapes to abstract ones, symmetrical or asymmetrical, therefor pointing out a touch of originality. Another advantage of macramé garments is related to the toughness of the fabric. Even if it’s flexible, the macramé is very resistant due to its complex knots, thus, clothes made from macramé having a long lasting life.

Even if today many of the articles are made using modern technology, almost all over the world macramé is still created traditionally, and that is manually. So, garments can be custom made, having the possibility to choose the fibers from which the threads that will compose the macramé will be, and of course the decorative pattern, resulting in unique garments.